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Industrial Marking

Universal DSR-10AF Micro-Spray Markers are designed to apply color coded spots or stripes on products during inspection to satisfy acceptance/rejection marking requirements. These low pressure atomizing spray markers are normally electrically triggered and can apply spot marks from 1/4" - 1" diameter on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The DSR-10AF Marker features an adjustable fluid control to regulate the amount of ink flowing into the atomizing air stream for precise control of the mark. The marker sprays an 18 degree conical spray pattern with negligible over spray. A stainless steel needle seats in the orifice after every cycle providing a self cleaning feature.
Universal DSR-10 Micro-Spray Markers are identical to the DSR-10AF units - less the fluid control adjustment feature. When these markers are fired, the needle valve opens fully and allows the maximum amount of ink to flow into the atomizing air stream. The DSR-10 Markers are normally recommended for applications where precise spot marks are not critical.
Universal DRW Series Gravity Feed Ink Reservoirs are available in 16 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz. and 128 oz. capacities. These heavy wall polyethylene wide mouth reservoirs are supplied with a ball type shutoff valve and a mounting bracket for easy installation. When using pigmented inks, select a reservoir which only holds a 1-2 day supply of ink to prevent pigment settling.
Universal DSR-MSA-SM & DSR-MSA-TM Mounting Brackets provide 6-axis positioning adjustment for the DSR-10 Series Micro-Spray Markers. Stainless steel shafting and clamping style cross blocks enable the markers to be positioned in any attitude for hitting even those hard to reach locations. These mounts are available in both top and side mounting configurations.
Universal DS-100 Series Controllers are available in a variety of configurations which provide both the pneumatic and electronic logic control for the Micro-Spray Markers. Controls are available with modular one-shot timing circuitry for basic spot or stripe marking applications or with programmable logic controllers to meet the demands of more complex application requirements. These controls are designed to accept either dry contact closure initiate signals from a microswitch or the parent equipment or specified voltage signals to initiate the marking cycle.
Universal DS-80350 and DS-80351 Pressure Reservoirs are used to increase the ink supply pressure to the DSR-10 Series Markers. Higher supply pressure allows more ink to flow into the atomizing air stream in a given time interval. The use of a pressure reservoir enables shorter duration triggering signals to be used and results in a faster reaction time for the marker. For most applications tank pressure is set to 2-3 PSI.

The DS-80350 is a 64 Oz. capacity unit complete with a pressure regulator, gauge and disposable liner. The DS-80351 unit is similar to the DS-80350 but includes a pneumatically operated ink agitation system which keeps pigmented inks in uniform suspension during use.


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Industrial Marking